High-pressure pumps for reverse osmosis applications

Energy efficient pumps for desalination

With Danfoss high-pressure APP pumps tailored to Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) applications you will get one of the most reliable and sustainable solutions for desalination. The APP pumps can be used in almost any SWRO application – land-based, offshore or marine. Mounted in containers or trains, the APP solutions can contain several pumps in parallel to secure uninterrupted and sufficient supply at any time. Their compact footprint and simplified design require no frames or belt drives and can be installed either vertically or horizontally – also when the space is limited.

The Danfoss axial piston pumps have been tested to outperform centrifugal pumps even in large plants for permeate flows up to 30,000 m3/day. The APP technology offers efficiency rates of more than 90 % to obtain the lowest life-cycle costs available.

The compact size and low weight of the APP pumps allow flexible configuration in almost any environment. The pumps can be pre-assembled and tested with the systems in the factory to avoid on-site assembly and welding in remote and hard-to-reach locations.

The simple construction of the pump with only few parts allows highly reliable operation with long service intervals and easy maintenance. The APP pump is oil-free, using only water for lubrication. The lead time is short, only 2-4 months even for large projects.

Danfoss has pioneered axial piston pump technology in challenging hydraulic applications for several years. With more than 15 patents, a strong precision engineering heritage and world-class production know-how in Duplex, Super Duplex and carbon-reinforced PEEK, Danfoss designs and produces the most advanced axial piston pumps available for reverse osmosis. The pumps can be delivered with ATEX and API 674 approvals.

Features and benefits

Extensive application know-how
Highest efficiency rates in the industry
Compact and small – half size of competing pumps
Long time between service intervals
Easy and service-friendly design
Simple and reliable with high uptime
Short pay-back time

Product range

APP pumps

The APP pumps are designed for SWRO in land-based and marine applications, offering the highest efficiency rates in the industry. The compact design, long service intervals and reliability of the APP makes it a first choice for small and medium-sized desalination plants.

APP S 674 pumps

The APP S 674 pumps are designed for SWRO offshore applications, offering the highest efficiency rates in the industry – comes with API 674 and ATEX certification.

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